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Alt Ulduar 10 grp

Post by Chickenlegs » Mon Sep 07, 2009 13:48

Me and some irl friends decided to create a guild but seeing as it is hard to get good members who aren't retarded to raid ulduar 10 with us I have come here for help.

We all have somewhat good gear (enough to clear ulduar 10 without hardmodes) and I was wondering if any alts are up for Ulduar 10.

Atm the we have the following setup, Me as warrior MT, A dk Blood or frost dps he shifts back and forth, 2 rogues both mutilate, a fire mage, a destro lock, resto druid, resto shaman. We lack 1 offtank due to our dk tank not being geared enough and not wanting to tank, and 1 healer preferably a pala or priest for the iron council, however our lock has a good geared priest healer alt who can join for that fight only so 1 healer can go dps instead.

So I'm wondering if any1 is interested in going ulduar 10 with us?

We will raid sundays at 18.00 or so if you can't come on sundays but on another day say so and I will discuss with them to check if we can put up a raid on another day of the week.

Answer on this post or /w me ingame on Chickenpox if your interested.

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