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Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 19:13
by Randag
**Before you even start, please note that we are not looking for short answers. We'd like a detailed overview of yourself, both as a raider and as a person. While this is still a game, we invest money in it, and we don't want our time wasted because of stupid and silly people.

*** In the topic of your application we want to see the following information:

<Character name> - <Race> <Class> - <Realm>

It is assumed that you are at the maximum level, do not bother applying if this is not the case.

Example. Arrmoo - Undead Mage - Talnivarr

Personal Information

Real Name:

Character information

Character Name:
Character Class: (class you are playing and what role you prefer)
Character Spec: (spec and explain your talent choices)
Dual spec:
Playtime: (playtime on your main character)
Would you be willing to respec? (Yes / No)

Respec options:
What specs you can play well, how is your gear for them.
(Name classes, specs you played, playtime.)
Primary Profession 1:
Skill Level:

Primary Profession 2:
Skill Level:

If you are a dps applicant, give us an insight to how you would start a fight with your rotation, then leading in to your rinse and repeat one:

Armory link:
Links to dps/healing logs:

Screen shot of UI:

Technical equipment
Can your PC run WoW in a raid setting without performance problems?
Brief overview of spec of Computer

Character history (EXPLAIN IN DETAIL) :
What guilds you have been in?
What were the reasons for leaving them?
What instances have you cleared, which bosses?
Divide it between Vanila WoW, TBC, WotLK. Include all major instances!
(EXPLAIN IN DETAIL, We don't want to go through your application and find out that you don't have the reputation for required factions etc.)

Additional Questions
Have you played other MMOs in the past? (If yes which ones)

What interested you in our guild?
(If you have a friend in the guild, say so here.)

What can you bring to the guild?
i.e. experience, leadership, Chuck Norris jokes, etc.

Do you understand the concept of SARCASM?

What do you expect from Madhouse?

Can you assure that you can play 4 days every week?

Raiding times are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday 19:15-23:30

Why do you play WoW?

What do you want to achieve?

Can you farm/obtain enough gold to have enough for repair bills, maximum consumables and best possible enchants and gems for your raiding gear?

Have you applied to other guilds so far,if so why were you denied and why were we your choice now instead of the first?

Can you fluently communicate on Ventrilo, socialise with other people?