RECRUITMENT STATUS (Recruitment OPEN for 4.3)

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RECRUITMENT STATUS (Recruitment OPEN for 4.3)

Post by Arrmoo » Thu Mar 31, 2011 16:42

We are recruiting one or two experienced dps to add to our roster for 4.3. If you feel like you fit the bill please make an application.

Here are some general expectations that we, as a guild have for the new recruits or people that are planning to apply:

- Unless you're the most amazing player ever and write an application that only god could beat, we don't do gearing projects.
- To know your class and fully enjoy playing it
- To want you to spend your time maximizing your character's potential
- To have the best available gems/enchants
- To always have enough consumables and gold for repairs.
- To research into boss encounters outside of raids
- To be at least 18 years of age
- To have a working microphone

As a trial you will be expected to maintain at least 100% attendance.

We do not recruit for the bench. All of our recruits can expect a 75-100% in time during their trial. The better you play, the more fights you see. We're looking to recruit people that are as good, if not better than our current players.
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Recruitment baws.