warlock destru/ demo [Declined]

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warlock destru/ demo [Declined]

Postby dimi » Tue May 31, 2011 17:16

Hello Madhouse

Character Name: Dimitry

Class: warlock

Spec: main spec destru off spec demology

Talents: 3/7/31 I hve this spec because it is the best dps spec with my gear ( demoloy 0/31/10 don’t use that much because I need better gear to do the dps I have In destru )
Glyphs: imp immolate and incinerate I have this glyhs because it’s the best way to help me opp with dps ( immolate felguard and metamorphosio )


Previous guilds/Raid history: My world of warcraft “career” started out 2010 in WOTL.
When i got to lvl80 i didn’t raid so much because I wanted some time to learn my class and I started at the end of WOTL
I have started with raid in cata. .

raid experience:

Bwd – 5/6 normal
Bastion – 3/4 normal
Throne of the four winds: 1/2 normal

Why Madhouse?: Madhouse looks like a very good and stable guild.

Why me?: I´m a very good warlock with skills to push good dmg and do my role in raids, i will bring 100% focus to every raid.
I take raiding very seriously so i allways look in ways to improve myself.
I read up on elitist jerks/mmo-champion etc.
I am a person that learns very fast.

Can you speak on vent?: Yes, i can speak on vent when needed.

Info about me:

Name: felix

Location: norway

Age: 16

School/Work: I go to school.
but can raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and sunday from 19:00 - 02:00

Anything else you might want to add?

I´m allways online before raid start, ready with pots/foodbuffs/flasks
I will never go afk in raids to eat or anything else.

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Re: warlock destru/ demo

Postby Evilweasel » Tue May 31, 2011 18:48

All i can say that this is a really really basic application there isn't even a armoury link and you've answer all the question with 5 words of less then again im not a officer so my opinion is worth jack shit! :D:D

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Re: warlock destru/ demo

Postby Tazok » Wed Jun 01, 2011 00:06

Sorry to say but you're not what we're looking for right now, best of luck.
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