warlock apply [Declined]

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warlock apply [Declined]

Post by Memketh » Wed Jun 29, 2011 19:59

Name: Ali
Age: 22
Location: trondheim, Norway

Character name: Memketh
Class: Warlock
Race: undead
Professions: Engineering/Tailoring
Mainspec: 3/7/31 Destruction
Offspec: Affliction pve
Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... eth/simple
Current guild: No guild atm
/played: ~76 days
Alts:85 shaman, 85 rogue.

- Raid experience in WoTLK:
havent done much in wotlk since i was mainly focused on my shaman
- Guild history: The Moops alt guild of Revelations
But the last guild that i played with Is Citadel, but it’s dead now
- How do you use gemming and reforging?
Red sockets - 20 int 20 hit gem
Blue/yellow sockets - 20 haste 20 hit gem
This is right now the best way for me with MY gear to gain increased dps.

"How you reforge will be based on the following rules:

Are you hit capped?
Yes: Reforge any extra hit to haste where possible.
No: Reforge mastery/crit to hit.
Does it have haste on it?
Yes: Goto the next rule.
No: Reforge mastery/crit to haste, leave hit has it is.
Reforge mastery to crit if the above has been done."

I agree with most of the stuff posted on the Elitist jerks warlock forum.
And keep my self updated on their forums.

- What is your rotation/priorities on a boss encounter?
Again, I follow the same rotation posted on Elitist jerks.

Improved Soul Fire (Keep this buff up!)
Bane of Doom
Soul Fire (Empowered Imp)
Demon Soul
Chaos Bolt
Shadowburn (Sub 20% HP)

- How do you contribute to a raid? Both your class and you as a player:
Knowing tactics, Following tactics
having enough pots, Flasks and buff food.
Providing Exceptional dps and Dispels.
listening to the raidleader(s).

- What are your plans for Cataclysm? Before i took a break from wow I was a casual raider in Wotlk because I simply did not have the time for anything more than that. Now i wish to do that i did not have time for back then, Raid at a higher difficulty level.
*Clear all the heroic raid content in each Content patch in Cataclysm.

- Are you willing to use any other specs in raids? If yes, tell us about your gear and experience with them.
Yes, I can use Affli whenever it is needed in raids, I've used the affli spec many times before in pugs and 5man dungeons when it has been needed.

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Re: warlock apply

Post by Arrmoo » Thu Jun 30, 2011 13:24


Good luck finding a guild and take care.
Image rawr!

kloeteklak @ school bus wrote: if you still decide to be an asshole then you're at the wrong address here mate. go check out http://madhouse.servepics.com/ instead.

Recruitment baws.