Shamuk - Elemental Shaman

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Shamuk - Elemental Shaman

Post by Shamuk » Wed Aug 31, 2011 16:30

<Shamuk> - <Orc> <Shaman> - <RTalnivarr>

Personal Information

Real Name: Joe
Nationality: British
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Occupation: Construction Site Cleaner

Character information

Character Name: Shamuk
Character Class: Shaman (Elemental)
Character Spec: 36/5/0, Elemental PvE 0/7/34, Resto PvP (can be changed)
Dual spec: Yes
Playtime: 70days
Would you be willing to respec? Yes

Respec options: Resto
What specs you can play well, how is your gear for them.
Zodyac, Holy, Paladin, 80 days, level 85, 368 ilvl
Tormuk, Fury, Warrior 120 days, level 85, 365 ilvl
Zamoo, Feral(Tank), 30 days, level 85, 369 ilvl

Primary Profession 1: Inscription
Skill Level: 525

Primary Profession 2: Leatherworking
Skill Level: 525

If you are a dps applicant, give us an insight to how you would start a fight with your rotation, then leading in to your rinse and repeat one: I start of with Flame Shock, followed by totems, followed by Unleash Elements, followed by Elemental Mastery, Blood Fury (Racial), Fiery Quintessence (Trinket), followed by Lava Burst, Lightening Bolts, instant Lava Bursts when Lava Flows procs, using Lava Burst when avalible, spamming Lightening Bolts, refreshing Flame Shock when needed, as well as replacing totems with new ones ;)

Armory link: ... muk/simple
Links to dps/healing logs:

Screen shot of UI:

Technical equipment
Can your PC run WoW in a raid setting without performance problems?
Brief overview of spec of Computer


Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM

System type 64-bit operating system

Number of processor cores 4


Total size of hard disk(s) 931 GB

Disk partition (C:) 635 GB Free (931 GB Total)


Display adapter type AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series

Total available graphics memory 3831 MB

Dedicated graphics memory 2048 MB

Dedicated system memory 0 MB

Shared system memory 1783 MB

DirectX version DirectX 10

Character history (EXPLAIN IN DETAIL) : Reached level 80 in Warth of the Lich King, joinned guild Ransom soon to become a 25m Kingslayer on 6/11/10, shortly quit WoW after and have been playing again for the past 3 months. The first month i was busy getting to grips of the game again, learning new things, and leveling three 80s to 85. I didnt really have any time for a guild and knew i wasnt ready to even attempt raiding for awhile, infact i refused because i knew i would need alot better gear first. One i had full dungeon heroic gear, i bravely attempted to join pugs... after 1000 refusals and all hope was gone, jackpot i got into a pug by begging i knew tactics even though i hadnt got achievement . Was a long slow process but eventually pug after pug i manage to get 4/4 in BoT, and 3/6 in BwD with the help of randomers. Soon after i decided to look for a guild, where i found Innherred Gaming who i spent 1 month with and managed to down 3/4 in BoT and 5/6 in BwD 1/2 in TotFW, who saddly recently turned into a social guild out of the blue. So i thought what the heck use the guild finder ^^ and walah lucky me i got a reply from Two Faced Jokers and the threw me straight in on a trial basis. Whilst in the guild for the past two weeks we i managed to clear BoT twice with two Heroic Halfus kills, and same with BwD with a Heroic Chimareon kill, Heroic Atramedes kill and a 5% Heroic Maloriak attempt, along with 2/2 in TotFW. But sdaaly today i was informed my raid spot had been removed for one of the GM's close friend which didnt phase me really since i was still a trial, but atleast i got some good experience in the guild as of today i have 12/12 normal and 3/13 heroic to my name thanks to them =). I then joinned Madhouse raided with them on and off for 4 weeks most days there wernt enough people to raid so it would get called off, but the days we did raid they went quite well. I managed to get 2/5 hc, 1/2 hc totfw, and 5/6 bwd with a best attempt of 15% heroic nefarian. Recently the raiding has turned into a single 10m raid last few weeks where ive not been needed since we lack the numbers and people keep leaving for no reason ect. And today i was just notified that the guild will now become a 10m raiding guild for firelands, so ofcourse i wont get invited some weeks which is why ive decided its time to move on to a different guild. I joinned School Bus and raided Firelands with them in the second group for a few months, after clearing it 5-6 times SB ran out of fuel and people started leaving or didnt have time anymore university ect. So once again im currently seeking a new active guild for raiding.

What guilds you have been in? Innherred Gaming, Two Faced Jokers, Madhouse, School Bus
What were the reasons for leaving them? Innherred Gaming became a social guild, and Two Faced Jokers replaced my raid spot for a close friend (understandable since im just a trial), Madhouse became a 10man guild, School Bus became inactive.
What instances have you cleared, which bosses? Vanila WoW: All

TBC: All

WotLK: All

Cataclysm: 12/12 normal, 8/13 hc Halfus, V+T, Magmaw, Omnitron, Maloriak, Chimaeron, Atramedes, Conclave Heroic, + a 15% Nefarion attempt.

Firelands: 7/7 Normal, 1% HC Lord Rhyolith attempt, 5% HC Shannox attempt

Additional Questions
Have you played other MMOs in the past? (If yes which ones)

What interested you in our guild?
Im currently seeking an (active) guild to raid Firelands with

What can you bring to the guild?
Good friendly attitude, kindness, generocity, humour, fun, happiness, attendance, skillz , dedication, matureity.

Do you understand the concept of SARCASM? Naaaar mate whats that?

What do you expect from Madhouse? Activity (raids)

Can you assure that you can play 4 days every week? Until i die, yes

Raiding times are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday 19:15-23:00

Why do you play WoW? Kill time

What do you want to achieve? Heroic Rag i guess

Can you farm/obtain enough gold to have enough for repair bills, maximum consumables and best possible enchants and gems for your raiding gear? yes

Have you applied to other guilds so far,if so why were you denied and why were we your choice now instead of the first? no

Can you fluently communicate on Ventrilo, socialise with other people? Yes im a nice guy =)

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Re: Shamuk - Elemental Shaman

Post by Tazok » Wed Aug 31, 2011 18:53


Edit: "I then joinned Madhouse raided with them" - Surely this should be read "with you" but I'll let you off since its a copy/paste from a Numen app. Even if we were recruiting a modicum of effort in changing blatant mistakes around would be appreciated.
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