Grrhunt - Troll Hunter - Talnivarr [Declined]

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Grrhunt - Troll Hunter - Talnivarr [Declined]

Post by grrhunt » Thu Nov 24, 2011 00:39

Personal Information

Real Name: Dan
Nationality: romanian
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Occupation: Unemployed

Character information

Character Name: Grrhunt

Character Class: (class you are playing and what role you prefer)

Hunter - (tanking or healing)***

Character Spec: MM, best specialization for max dps in this patch. Unfortunately there is not much too explain about picking my talents besides the fact I picked them up to max dps in single target (boss) fight. As example for aoe dps I would choose SV spec for it's serpent spread talent.

Dual spec: Survival atm but willing to change to anything that would help the group.

Playtime: At the moment my main is Grr, tauren warrior and I have 74days played on him .On hunter I have 31 days played. Still I hope you don't mind me add that I never found this information that relevant since you can play wow for 3 months and if you have skill and you are dedicated you can learn a lot of stuff real fast and be the person the guild needs you to be. Besides I used to play on a different account in TBC with another human warrior - Sonya. (playtime on your main character)

Would you be willing to respec? Yes.

What specs you can play well, how is your gear for them. I used to raid ICC 25m with "kimbal's fridays pug" with SV spec and was loving it + was doing a very good job.

Alts: Grr - Warrior (prot/fury/arms)-74days played; Midgard -Paladin (prot/holy - I really enjoy healing with this char)-21days played; Druid (feral bear/cat)-13days played. Mentioned only lvl 85

Primary Profession 1: Leatherworking
Skill Level: 525

Primary Profession 2: Skinning
Skill Level: 525

If you are a dps applicant, give us an insight to how you would start a fight with your rotation, then leading in to your rinse and repeat one:
I press 1, 2, 3, 4 *** or if there is a boss fight and there is a countdown: Mark, Miss direct, (counting5,4) casting aimed shot, chimera shot, rapid fire, 2 x SS, sting, 2 x SS, aimed shot ... keeping focus above 50 with 2 x SS, casting chimera at CD and different from most of the hunters out there I'm pretty much am an Aimed shot user instead of arcane... (rapid fire off) -> trying to get more than 50 focus sincronizing with my CD of chimera, cast chimera followed by readiness (CD on chimera is refresh), cast chimera again -> rapid fire -> 2 x SS -> aimed shot ... keeping this up ... after rapid fire is gone I use racial CD to make my aimed shot sexier ... and ofc I'm will always try not to use this CD's at the same time with bloodlust/timewarp because there would be a waste of haste (I'm not sure if you're not familiar with hunter you understand since ofc every1 is trying to use his CD's during BL)... I will try to keep sting up with chimera at all time, ofc there are fight where is mandatory to change your dps to another target and the sting will expire from your main target, I'll make sure I'll throw a sting on it when necesary. For aoe damage (when I know the fight) I try to build some focus before I cast multi shot, and I'm also trying to get 1 steady shot in between multi shots to get more focus, fire trap also is a must.

When target is bellow 20% my prio's are: "aimed shot!" (not "aimed shot") , Kill shot x 2, chimera, etc...

I'm using Hawk aspect during fights and try to move as little as possible... when needed I change my aspect to fox with 1-2 seconds before needed to move (ofc if I have something under me throwing me in the sky I will move no matter what aspect: low dps for 2 seconds >>> dead dps.)

I'm using all my abilities, deterrence, disengage, traps, tranq because I really enjoy playing hunter. This is the main reason I want to make it my main char in 4.3+

Armory link: ... unt/simple
Links to dps/healing logs: Unfortunately all the logs from ICC 25m pug were deleted
" 16 x 16-07-10 19:25 03:57:57 Latzima Unknown Zone Public 16-07-10 19:25 Deleted by cleanup"
so you'll have to take my word when I'm telling you I was doing great.
No recent logs available.

Screen shot of UI: I'll get back with a link here if it's a crucial information that will incline the balance towards you accepting me in the guild. However, besides the ussual addons like DBM or recount I'm using "Tellmewhen" addon so I can see better my proc's, CD's, etc... Besides that nothing fancy, only wow's interface.

Technical equipment:
Can your PC run WoW in a raid setting without performance problems? Yes
Brief overview of spec of Computer:

I will just copy/paste my

Beta Profile Settings

My System Specifications

Operating System:
CPU Type:
AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor
CPU Speed:
3.02 GHz
System Memory:
4 GB
Video Card Model:
AMD Radeon HD 6670
Video Card Memory:
2.74 GB
Video Card Driver:
Desktop Resolution:
Hard Disk Size:
731.51 GB
Hard Disk Free Space:
730.06 GB (100%)
Download Speed:
1.72 MB/s (14.4 mbps)

Character history (EXPLAIN IN DETAIL) :

What guilds you have been in?
1. In TBC I raided in Arctic Crusade as tank on ally side on this server.
2. On my new account I played with Grr an ally side on a random guild, very nice ppl, but moved to hoarde side due the fact ally as you all know is dead and also another reason was to raid with <Emerald Nightmare> a social/casual guild formed by my cousins where more irl friends were playing.
3. After that I wanted more than just casual raiding and joined <Sentiment> one of the best guilds on server.
P.S. Here I'm talking about me as a player not the character itself since to be honest I don't think that would be relevant. I don't like having more chars in different guild and raid with one guild one week and another the other week, I'm a dedicated player that will be there every time the guild needs me, besides special irl issues. But if you wish, with Grrhunt character in special, I also had a social spot in WWW (whatwentwrong - ex chop chop guild after killing LK on HC with them on my warrior)

What were the reasons for leaving them?
1. Never left the guild, just started a new account after a long period of time.
2. Already mentioned my reasons.
3. At the moment all my characters on Talnivarr are in Sentiment. The reason I would like to leave Sentiment with my hunter and raid with you it's because about 2-3 weeks ago the leadership has changed and the new GM & raidleader even thou he's a very skilled player he really lacks leadership skills. Besides the actually raid leading also hes decisions and he's activity as leader really make me wonder if Sentiment has a future. Maybe they will have a good progress in the new patch since there are very exceptional players in the guild but still I don't have fun with the new leader and in the end playing this game I want to belive it's not just because we don't have anything else better to do, but it's for having fun.

What instances have you cleared, which bosses?
Divide it between Vanila WoW, TBC, WotLK. Include all major instances!
(EXPLAIN IN DETAIL, We don't want to go through your application and find out that you don't have the reputation for required factions etc.)

On this character I only played in WotLK and cleared altmost everything. Recently cleared FL on normal too. As experience I have 6/7 HC on FL.

Additional Questions

What interested you in our guild?
(If you have a friend in the guild, say so here.)

As I mentioned to Arrmoo the main reason I was interested in your guild was because you were looking for a skilled hunter for 4.3 and that was great for me since I also wanted to raid on my hunter.
Other reasons I wish to join Madhouse it's because you look exacly like what I'm looking for, a serious guild willing to progress.

What can you bring to the guild?
i.e. experience, leadership, Chuck Norris jokes, etc.

I can definately bring Chuck Norris jokes. I'm a dedicated player, loyal, skilled willing to sort out things irl to make it to the raid. I can bring 95% attendence. I am pacient and willing to wipe hours for days for progress.

Do you understand the concept of SARCASM?
Yes (Read up ***)

What do you expect from Madhouse?

Serious raiding in a friendly atmosphere.

Can you assure that you can play 4 days every week? Yes

Raiding times are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday 19:15-23:30 . Check & great.

Why do you play WoW?

For fun and not to play SC II.

What do you want to achieve? Progress and making friends.

Can you farm/obtain enough gold to have enough for repair bills, maximum consumables and best possible enchants and gems for your raiding gear?

Have you applied to other guilds so far,if so why were you denied and why were we your choice now instead of the first?

Can you fluently communicate on Ventrilo, socialise with other people?

Waiting for feedback. Hope for positive replays.

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Re: Grrhunt - Troll Hunter - Talnivarr

Post by Tazok » Thu Nov 24, 2011 02:16

It's a really nice and in-depth app but your gear just simply isn't good enough as well as you lacking experience on that char in FL heroic. We also have a hunter currently on trial. Good luck looking elsewhere.
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