Kebabguden Goblin Holy Priest [Declined by Cra-..Madhouse]

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Kebabguden Goblin Holy Priest [Declined by Cra-..Madhouse]

Postby Kebabguden » Thu Dec 29, 2011 21:13

Personal Information
Real Name: Alen
Nationality: Swedish
Gender: male
Age: 19

Well ive been playing my Priest since cata came out lvled it up to 80 few month before cata to have it ready
and played it since then.

My mian spec is Holy but im decent in both Disc and Shadow but as i said just decent not my strongest sides.

Character Name: Kebabguden
Character Class: Cute Goblin Priest
Character Spec: Holy
Dual spec: Disc/Shadow
Playtime: (75 days)
Would you be willing to respec? I dont think you want to respec my awsomeness but no problem for fights where my others specs are more usefull

Well Progress on this char so far have been

Bot bwd totfw 4/4 , 5/6 , 2/2 and then i made an break during early spring and summer since i had my finishing exams i realy needed to fix and had no time for raiding

Vault of Archavon 4/4 10man , Ulduar 12/13 10man , Trial of the Crusader 5/5 10man , Icecrown Citadel 11/12 10man
On a Blood Dk

In ds ive so far spanked 7/8 bosses and wiped on dw 4x times on 2 %

Well thing is the we got good players in the guild where im in atm but the activity is low and we never get
8 of them since we raid max 2 times week , kinda sad

Thats why im looking for a new and better guild where ill be able to progress more.

Armory link: ... n/advanced

Ui: ... 8bafcf.jpg

Do you understand the concept of SARCASM?
Yea i do

What do you expect from Cráb People?
Nice raids with positive criticism and progress and sharing some love !

Can you assure that you can play 4 days every week?
Ill be there when it raid no mather if its 4-5-6-7 times ^^

Why do you play WoW?
Kinda chills me down and relaxing. Since i got so much to do on the days , schooll sports friends its nice to just arrive home put the pc on and play the gameeez.

an you farm obtain enough gold to have enough for repair bills, maximum consumables and best possible enchants and gems for your raiding gear?

Atm just gemming with normal gems since it will be replaced with heroic gear. All heroic gear will be gemmed with awsomeness gems . running with the enchants that i should use no probs about that

Well i got money for everything running on 95k gold atm so its not a prob for sure im kinda a chinese on the weekends when im tierd as fuck after heavy drinking , relaxing to just farm gold !

My Current guild is Sancti malus

I do not havy any logs sorry for it... And the guilds never made ones either.

My pc and connection are stable and 25 man will run smoothly without any lags or shit .

Well this is what ive got on my mind atm so if i missed something just ask me about it !

Thx for your time
Regards // Alen

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Re: Kebabguden Goblin Holy Priest

Postby Arrmoo » Fri Dec 30, 2011 00:36

Image rawr!

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Recruitment baws.

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Re: Kebabguden Goblin Holy Priest

Postby Tazok » Fri Dec 30, 2011 02:18

Kebabguden wrote:What do you expect from Cráb People?
Nice raids with positive criticism and progress and sharing some love !

I don't need to say any more.
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