Anyone fancies RaF with me?

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Anyone fancies RaF with me?

Post by Blendless » Sun Nov 29, 2009 15:15

Hello everybody. So I've decided to do a complete reroll on Talnivarr horde side and my account is frozen so I can't post any of this on the official Talnivarr forums. I will be starting a new wow account. I am looking forward to roll ~2characters - rogue and hunter. As you may already know, RaF program includes some nice bonuses for the veteran accounts.(not counting the 3x exp thing)
upon my first 60 day subscription you will receive
1)30 days of free gametime
2)exclusive Zhevra mount :lol:

One more thing I'd like to note. After we level those to characters to ~58-60, I will be able to level a third one for you through the
sounds fun, huh?

There are few things that I'd want from you
1)Golds for the ground mounts at respective lvl's(sounds quite reasonable to me, compared to what you get in return)
2)It would be awesome if you had some friends on the realm, that could boost us through some abandoned dungeons of Azeroth :lol:

In work days I am usually available from ~17:00 till 23:00 server time(we can work out the details and our leveling schedule to fit your needs for participating in raids etc.)

If you are interested either pm here or write an email to

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